Deewani Mastani

Greetings to all the beautiful LADIES of our town,

We hope you all had a FANTASTIC summer with your family and friends. Although the summer holidays are over, GOOD NEWS is that the fun still continues.

Please join us for a Ladies Diwali Lunch, **DEEWANI MASTANI** · October 19, 2019 – 13:30hrs onwards at the ISAOM CULTURAL CENTRE.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! You can’t miss this delicious lunch followed by amazing fun, non-stop entertainment, laughter, and a soothing and relaxing afternoon tea.

Please note the following points for this Lunch:

  1. This event is open to ALL. You do NOT have to be in a kitty group to attend.
  2. The entertainment for this afternoon will be coordinated by the Kitty Groups of Madrid.
  3. Your Kitty Group can either do a dance, comedy show, play OR a fashion show provided that it is NOT MORE THAN 4 Minutes MAX. We suggest a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes.
  4. If you have few people in your Kitty Group, you can merge with another Kitty Group provided that they agree with it.
  5. If you belong to more than 1 Kitty Group, it is up to you to participate additionally with your other Kitty Groups as well (optional).
  6. If you do not belong to a Kitty group and would like to participate, you are free to do so by approaching the kitty group you are interested in joining for this event OR you may also create a group of your own. If you create a group of your own for this event, please come up with a name while registering your item.
  7. Your Kitty Group can come dressed in a particular dress code of its choice (Not obligatory but highly recommended).
  8. Please RSVP your attendance no later than 10th October, 2019 to Anju Khatwani (629.842.191), Chandni Lalwani (661.412.508),  Renu Uttamchandani (636.997.644) or Vandana Uttamchandani (672.044.344)
  9. Seating Arrangement: First come, First Serve basis. Please make arrangements with your group prior to the event. Each table can accommodate up to 10 people and a maximum of 12. Please fill in the form to help us better prepare for the event. If you are unable to fill out the form for whatever reason, please state full name, member/non-member, vegetarian/non-vegetarian requirement of each individual and total number of people in the table and send it by whatsapp to Myra Uttamchandani at 633.205.955. Please send in seating arrangement information by 10th October, 2019.
  10. Registration: You can start registering your item immediately upon receipt of this email. Your item will be registered on a first come first serve basis. Once confirmed and registered, you will not be allowed to change it. Please finalize your group item by September 20th at the latest. If a certain song is already taken, you must choose another song whether it is used in a dance song, fashion show song etc. Your Kitty Group Leader should call/Whatsapp Myra Uttamchandani at 633.205.955 with the following: Name of your Group, Number and Full Name of Participants, Duration of Item and Category of Item (whether it is a dance, comedy show etc). Final songs need to be emailed by 10th October, 2019 to . Your item will be kept confidential.
  11. Sponsorship: If anyone would like to sponsor any gift items for this event  (example: beauty vouchers, fashion accessories etc.), please contact Sangeeta Sukhwani no later than 10th October, 2019 at 666.650.687.
  12. And last but not least, keep your idea a SECRET! Let it be a surprise for the rest. We highly recommend everyone to participate. So hurry up and may the planning and fun begin! 

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Best wishes,