About Us

The Indian Sindhi Association of Madrid (ISAOM) is a registered Association which promotes Sindhi culture within Madrid by hosting programs of social, cultural, educational and religious events throughout the year for the benefit of the Sindhi inhabitants of Madrid.

Our aim is to provide a common identity to the Sindhi community and facilitate cultural, social and educational services and opportunities for cultural integration for people of all ages.

The Indian Sindhi Association of Madrid (ISAOM) operates in Madrid with the following objectives:

    • To provide a common identity to the Indian Sindhi community through the promotion of unity, friendship and goodwill based on mutual understanding and cooperation.
    • To provide community services within the limits of the Association resources for our members.
    • To promote and provide social, educational and cultural programs which will enable children of Sindhi heritage to understand the Sindhi traditions.
    • To establish a community center for social, educational and cultural activities for all our members.
    • To encourage and foster the activities which promote mutual understanding and appreciation between the Sindhi community and the mainstream Spanish community.