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On behalf of the ISAOM, we welcome you all to the official page of our Sindhi community in Madrid. Sindhis are the proud inheritors of the most remarkable ancient and significant civilizations of the world. Soon after India’s independence in 1947, Sindhis migrated all over the world and with the result, Sindhis today live in over 150 countries worldwide.

94502-004-0CC0117FMadrid is a beautiful and vibrant city famous for its delicious tapas, wine, beautiful weather and not to forget, the very friendly and loving locals. Our community here in Madrid has a beautiful history of its own. Thanks to the integration of the early pioneers of our community, we have such a closely knit society and today, we are able to celebrate the cultural richness of our heritage through festivals, community events and other activities. Flashing back in time, between 1962 and 1969 when there were just a handful of Sindhis settled here in Madrid, small events and Diwali parties were organized at outside venues where the young and old, all would celebrate together. Today we have a large community of over 300 families of which majority of them are members of the ISAOM. Till date, we continuously celebrate all occasions with great zeal, but today with even more gratitude as we now have a Centre of our own – The ISAOM Cultural Centre.


Goldie NanwaniFollowing is an outstanding poem that exemplifies what it feels like being a Sindhi in Madrid. Written by Goldie Nanwani, a woman of Indian origins, born and brought up in Madrid, Spain. Goldie graduated from the United Kingdom, speaks four languages fluently. She is a married working mum, with two young children and currently lives in Barcelona. She is a life coach, writer and motivational speaker by day and spends her free time enjoying her children, playing a variety of sports and her special hobby is her passion for writing. Goldie enjoys the little details in life and especially finds what brings her joy is working with the youth and learning from them, for they are going to be our tomorrow. Goldie believes in the constant learning process which one gets from an ongoing education and also through wisdom acquired via the environment and individuals that surround you.

Universal Soul
A señorita they call me here
Here is where I was born
But here is not my only home
I possess a double chromosome

Café con leche for breakfast
Chapatti or two for lunch
Masalas and olive oil
Quite the culture crunch

A thought in English
Argument in Spanish
A prayer in Sindhi
I’ll sing to you in Hindi

I am the morena madrileña
The foreigner who orders a tikka baguette
Will search the aisles for Spanish vino
Get excited to see a chai latte
But get the cappuccino

I am the changing traveller
The linguistic gambler
A Spaniard in India
An Indian in Spain
A mish mash runs through my vein

In a fight to be one or another
Creeps in a third other
A lover of the orderly fashion
A lot of irony and sarcasm
Britannia you will always in me remain
I will always carry my umbrella
For incase it rains

I am from many soils
I wear multiple coils
Do I have identity crisis?
I call it a universal Soul license
Thoughts Translated


The Balvihar Group:

A group that aims to educate children about the Hindu religion, Sindhi culture and Sindhi linguistics. Children meet twice a month whereby they learn Hindu prayers, values and beliefs. For any questions or information, please contact: madridbalvihar@gmail.com

Indian Women Charity Association (IWCA):

Spain based Indian Women’s non-profit NGO that helps needy people in Spain and India, thus spanning the two cultures and nations.

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Religious/ Spiritual Centers:

Aside from our Sindhi Community in Madrid, we also have various religious centers around Madrid, one of them includes the Geeta Ashram at our very own ISAOM Cultural Centre premises. Furthermore, we also have the Jhulelal Mandir, Baba Mahtani Sai Mandir, Radha Soami Satsang Hall, Satnam Sakhi Satsangs and much more.