President’s Message 2005 – 2008


Dear Friends,

As the President of the Indian Sindhi Association of Madrid, ISAOM (earlier known as AIM), it is with great honour that I welcome you all to the launch of our very own website where from every corner of the globe you can be in touch with ISAOM and keep abreast of the current events unfolding at ISAOM, learn about its history, past happenings, benefits of membership, and the innumerable ways to incorporate in the Associations’ activities. In a world where change is the norm, it’s unbelievable the way computers have enhanced our lives.

But first, in this significant year, I would like to felicitate each one of you on the Silver Jubilee of our Association; ”HAPPY SILVER JUBILEE”!!! When the Indian Association was constituted and registered in 1982, its prime objective was to preserve our rich unique culture and tradition, in particular among the younger lot through social, cultural and educational progression.25 years since then, we can say with glimmer of pride and joy that ISAOM has all in all fulfilled or rather exceeded the expectations.

As rightly said, there is no substitute for experience and the knowledge I have acquired from my successful stint as the President of Indian Association (1996-2000), is by and large being productively implemented now to safeguard the interests of the community. It’s truly your confidence in my leadership, unequivocal support and help that has finally enabled us to accomplish our prolonged dream of building our own Cultural centre which will be dedicated whole heartedly to all the members of the Association. The cultural centre will be a common ground for everyone to meet and exchange views, and of course organize functions of any kind. Furthermore it will reinforce our cohesive society since lately the diverse activities being carried out have developed immensely. The Cultural centre will offer an ample parking for everyone’s convenience. I trust that this centre will herald a new era mainly for the future generations to come. I consider myself extremely privileged to be sitting at the helm whilst this mammoth project is being devised, built and enhanced.

A noteworthy feature which needs a special mention is that during the recent years we have been very fortunate to have visits from heads of state not only from India but from Spain as well. This is in fact an optimistic sign of India winning recognition globally today thus propelling us to work even harder if we wish to strive for excellence. As you are well aware, India clearly today is a force to reckon with.

I strongly believe that an Association of any kind however well conceived cannot succeed unless there is love, regard, co-operation and unity among its members. The key to the success of any organization is the participation of the members Therefore I urge all of you to become actively involved in the workings of the Association and collaborate in its activities. My earnest request to you is at regular intervals; spend a few minutes browsing through this site providing us with your valuable tips and suggestions. I will welcome your feedback and it will indeed be my pleasure to respond to your queries personally and promptly.


Taking a leaf from the above words, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the donors who have ardently supported me through their generous contributions towards the cultural centre and many other ventures such as Diwali, Mela, directory advertisements etc. Without their encouragement none of my endeavours would have ever been possible thus making my resolve even stronger. And I wish to say a THANK YOU to all the members of ISAOM for having faith in me by coming forward so readily whenever the need arose. I would also wish to salute the efforts of all the former Presidents for their impressive work in the past years.

One quality of my committee which has remained constant all this while is the continuous support and inspiration towards me and all my commitments. Undeniably, they have been instrumental in the success of the Associations’ initiatives. I simply cannot thank them enough and would like to acknowledge that their hard work and dedication has not diminished in any way all these years.

To conclude, I must admit that my primary aspiration is to consistently serve you better and genuinely hope that the forthcoming years will usher in a lot of happiness, joy, peace and prosperity to you all.

Thank you.


Kamal Fabiani.


President of the Indian Sindhi Association of Madrid 2005 – 2008