Children Diwali Ball 2022 Instructions

Hello everyone,
We hope this email finds you all very well. We are so thrilled to see that dance practices are on full swing and we can’t wait to see our children sparkle on stage in the Children Diwali Ball 2022.
Important dates and a few points to note:
1. Please e-mail your children´s cut dance songs to by October 2nd.
2. Please e-mail the table reservation form to by October 9. Please note attachment.
3. Ticket Sales will be held on October 16, 10.30 AM – 12.30 PM (Please note new system below)
4. Stage Practice will be held on October 16, 17.00hrs – 19.30hrs.5. If anyone would like to sponsor a gift for the Children’s Diwali Raffles either with a gift card, gift item or cash amount, please contact Renu Uttamchandani (636.997.644) / Geetika Valiramani (656.578.434). We will really appreciate any sponsors and/or donations.
5. The return gifts have kindly been arranged by 2 volunteers, Nitya and Janu. Each gift per child costs 3€. Please give this amount to your group leader who will then give it to the volunteers.
6. EMCEES, if you will be utilizing any songs in your parts/role play, please inform Myra Uttamchandani ASAP and e-mail your songs to

Table Forms, Arrangements and Reservation:
1. Please fill in the table form attached to this email with full names. It is essential that you fill up all seats on the table, minimum 10 and maximum 12. Please make prior arrangements with your family and friends. If you are unable to fill up all spots, we will be filling the table with other people in it.
2. Please note that infants BELOW 3 are FREE. (Children 3 and above will need to pay the child entrance fee). Children below 3 that are in a stroller, do NOT occupy a seat.
3. If you want to bring your child’s helper to the Diwali party, they will pay the fees accordingly. If you are a member, then your helper will pay member fees, whereas if you are a non-member, then your helper will pay non-member fees.4. This year we are introducing a new way of table selection based purely on your luck. Please note the new procedure:
– As everyone arrives on ticket sales day (October 16, 10.30AM), you will first pick up a token upon your arrival. The token number will be used for the sequence in which you will be picking up the chits and reserving your table.
– Once your token number will be called out by an ISAOM Committee Member, you will be asked to pick up a chit from the box.
– The chit number you pick out will be your table number, based purely on your luck at that moment and has nothing to do with the time you arrive.
– One representative from each respective table can pick up 1 chit only and therefore also get allocated one table ONLY. He/she must be sitting in that specific table. He/she cannot pick up chits for another table for their family and friends.
EXCEPTION: During table selection, we would like to permit people from our community to select extra tables ONLY for non member guests who are NOT a part of our community to join in our celebrations. To clarify, selecting extra tables is only available in the case that an extra table is being selected for guests external to our community OR from overseas (from outside Madrid). Please make sure to fill in your guests full names, first name and last name (please do not label them as guest1, guest 2, etc.) The non member guests (external to our community) will pay non member ticket prices and their tickets will have to be paid at the time of ticket sales by the individual confirming their table.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact Renu Uttamchandani (636.997.644) / Geetika Valiramani (656.578.434).

Telephone/Whatsapp Number: +34.643.822.929